Latvia - Videos on Young farmers in Youth program “Support to young people for starting entrepreneurship in rural areas”

This year in July Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre (institution, which is acting also as a Latvian Rural Network Unit) have started a new program – “Support to young people for starting entrepreneurship in rural areas”.

To see if it will work out, we practiced it in 4 regions in Latvia. The program is free of charge for all participants. Participants are young people 18–30 years old, which live in one of the targeted regions and want to start their own business in rural area or are willing to do some social activities to make the life in rural areas more attractive to young people.

The program was divided into 2 parts. First part is 2 – 4 days training course – that is based on finding out ideas that young people could realize in the region they live. And second part is realization of the idea together with a specialist from Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre. The specialist could help to write a Business plan or application for example to EU support measure “Setting up of Young Farmers” or any other help that the participants need for the realization his idea.
In training courses we also use our videos on young farmers as best practice example. Participants enjoy them. As they said afterwards it helps them believe that it could be done and they mostly trust if it is said by people in the same age and maybe with the same way of life. 

Latvian videos :

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