Belgium - Conference about Young Farmers

Friday 9 December, during AGRIBEX Fair in Brussels, one hundred people attended to a conference about the future of young farmers. This conference was organised by Rural Networks of Wallonia and Flanders, in collaboration with 4 young farmers associations (FJA, FUGEA, ABS Jong and Groene Kring).

Part one of the meeting : Skills of young farmers and training for tomorrow
Discussion based on the filmed experience of Raphaël GRODENT (in french only)

Part two : Cooperation between farmers
Discussion based on the filmed experience of three young flemish farmers (in english)

Part three : To start a farming activity, definition and implementation of a personal project of installation
Discussion based on the filmed experience of Anne-Françoise GEORGES (in English)

Next meeting will gather representatives of all young farmers associations. Debates and questions are first steps on the road to recomendations for future RDP and network working plan for 2012-2014.

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